Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rock Stop opening roars in like a lion....Well, we opened to 2 stormy weekends in which we lost days on each of them due to Highway 128 flooding, threatening to flood, trees down etc etc. Sorry if we missed any of you who were brave enough to venture out. The store is packed with new merchandise from around the world and we now are the home of the largest public display of jade for sale in the state. We are open Sat, Sun and Mon 10am-4pm and will be open until 5pm when the weather warms up. Come in to see what we have brought back from our winter shopping spree!

We not only had a great time shopping and visiting people on our trip, we also brought back some extra special treasures.  We picked up some rare specimens as well as more high quality repeat items.  We have Calcites in a rainbow of colors, super-quality Malachites, both polished and crystalline, a big assortment of deep purple nice-sized Amethyst geodes, new petrified woods, new fossils, and don't forget our yard full of massive treasures including Jade boulders to 2000lbs, Lepidolites to 7000lbs, Onyx to 3000 lbs, huge Aventurines and more!  We have cut, and polished, as well as natural boulders, and many stones drilled for fountains also... Quality is superior and prices are very good.  Come see us soon and get first pick!