Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hey everyone, my pal Eric Kaplan (artist extraordinaire) redesigned the blogspot. What do you think?
Hot yesterday at the Rock Stop but wet polishing a large highly figured jade is one way to keep cool.
We are beginning to produce our custom line of window polished California Jade boulders from many different California locations. Will be posting pictures of our progress very soon. The stone in the photo is now on the way to a Montana Gallery for a large viewing stone show.

Here is a quick pic I took of the finished jade just before Peter Mullins picked it up personally, to go to his show in Montana. The picture doesn't really do the jade justice...But you can get the general feel of the piece.
We didn't do much finish work to it except for a light smoothing through the center. The shape is 100% natural except for the cut flat bottom. Jerry Braswell made the perfect base (diaza).