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I wrote this a few years back on my first Word Press blog, but it is still pertinent today so I thought I'd re-post it here. These are the terms I use to describe jade. They are defined clearly here to eliminate confusion.


California Jade grading system

August 7, 2009

California Jade Grading System for Nephrite and Jadeite by Sam Gitchel

A uniform system for grading of jades found in California is desperately needed. There is no clarity for description of quality or color and no uniform terms used. I will begin to use the following Grading system and terms to describe California jade quality and have developed a related per pound price structure for rough jades.

Grading System for California Jade rough and Jewelry
AAAA grade = natural top color translucent or chatoyant
AAA grade = natural top color opaque or excellent color translucent
AA grade = natural excellent color opaque or good color translucent
A grade = natural good color opaque or plain color translucent
A- grade = natural plain color opaque or slightly translucent
B grade = color enhanced

Definition of colors
Top color: The rarest color in the deposit. Vibrant colors. No dark inclusions.
Excellent color: Top color or a little less but with dark portions.
Good color: A mix of subdued light and dark colors .
Plain color: Dull or drab colors.
Color enhanced: Man made color, dyed

Pricing structure for California Jade cutting rough
AAAA $100lb-$200lb
AAA $50lb-$100lb
AA $10lb-$50lb
A $3lb-$10lb
A- $1lb-$3lb
These prices are for rough with minor fracturing only. Extensive fracturing reduces the price.

Jade availability in California
AAAA grade comprises about one thousandth of one percent of all jades found in California.
AAA grade comprises about one tenth of one percent of all jades found in California.
AA grade comprises about one percent of all jades found in California
A grade comprises about ten percent of all jades found in California
A- grade is the vast majority of all jades found in California
This grading/pricing system does not apply to Specimen pieces, Scholar stones, Viewing stones, Suiseki etc

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